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Test - TOEIC Programme


1.What is TOEIC Test?
The TOEIC Test is an English language proficiency test that measures an individual’s English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. (?) Test results will indicate how well the test taker could communicate in English in the working industry. Every year, about 7 million tests are administered. Fourteen thousand (14, 000) organizations from across 160 countries utilize TOEIC Test score to assess an individual’s level of English Proficiency.

2. What are the benefits on having a TOEIC Test Certificate?
Non-native English speakers take on the test to portray their English proficiency when applying for new career opportunities and obtaining sublime credentials. The TOEIC Test offers great benefits to individuals, schools and companies. It’s also a significant standard of performance credential recognized around the world.

3. What are the features of the TOEIC Test?
The TOEIC Test includes 2 (two) sections which are – Listening Test and Reading Test.

In Section 1: Listening Test, it has 100 (one hundred) questions and an audio integrant. The total duration for this section is about 45 minutes. This section is divided into 4 (four) parts. Test Takers will have to go through a series of questions in various forms – questions, statements, conversations and talks recorded in English. Students will then have to answer the questions based on the listening sections. Part 1: Photographs, consists of 6 questions. Part 2: Questions-Response has 25 questions, while Part 3: Conversations has 39 questions (13 conversations with 3 questions each). Lastly, Part 4: Talks consists of 30 questions (10 different talks with 3 questions each).

Section 2: Reading Test has 100 questions in the written format in the test booklets. For 75 minutes of duration, test takers are required to read through several items and respond to questions that are based on the items itself. There are 3 parts for this section; Part 5: Incomplete Sentences, Part 6: Text completion and part 7: Single and Multiple Passages.

Part 5: Incomplete Sentences has 30 questions, whereas Part 6: Incomplete Texts has 16 questions. Part 7 consists of 2 passages – Single Passage and Multiple Passages. The Single Passage has 29 questions (10 reading texts with 2 to 4 questions each). As for the Multiple Passages, it has 25 questions (5 sets of double or triple passages that comes with 5 questions for each.)

4. Who should take on the TOEIC Test? 
Both students and professionals are encouraged to take on the test to boost their CV as to present their English proficiency to their future recruiters. The English language is considered as the global language and it is essential for one to acquire fluency of the language itself.

Some established companies, schools and even government sectors develop policies for personnel that requires English language skills. Companies assess employees’ English language skills to analyze or determine one’s area that needs improvement. It’s also important for the employer to make decisions on hiring the right candidate, or perhaps promotion decisions.

5. What happens if I fail the test?
Test takers cannot fail the test. TOEIC is not a pass-or-fail test. The score earned by the test takers measures their proficiency level. 

6. Where can I take on the TOEIC?
The TOEIC Test can be taken at companies, organizations, or academic institutions that require employees or perhaps, job applicants to go through the English proficiency test around the world.

7. Is there an expiry date for TOEIC Certificate?
Once test takers received their results, the validity of the certificate is 2 years. Test takers will have to sit for the test again if they are to use the certificate as their credentials after those 2 years.

8. Fees, Test Dates, any tutorial provided at CIC?

9. I am interested, so how do I register for the test here?


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