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Direct English Language Learning Programme

[HRDF Claimable | HRDF Registered Training Provider (362221-T)]

A Unique & Wholesome Approach Learning the English Language

Do you wish to be fluent in English and boost your interpersonal skills at the same time? Are you planning to take up an English language examination (e.g. IELTS, TOEFL, MUET) soon? Perhaps you can already write well but still find yourself lacking the much needed verbal fluency to express your thoughts and ideas readily and effortlessly - a common challenge faced by people whose first language is not English.

Whatever the needs may be, Direct English, through its unique and wholesome approach, is here to help you develop your English language mastery by improving both your writing proficiency (vocabulary, grammar, correspondences, reports, agreements) and your verbal fluency & fluidity (social conversations, discussions, presentations, negotiations).


Direct English (or DE) is a provenly effective English language learning system created in 1997 by a world-renowned English language expert, Louis Alexander. It is a unique learning system designed around a person’s natural way of learning the English language and is aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) - an international standard for describing language ability. The DE programme incorporates the latest and more efficient instructional strategies supported by quality interactive materials which is then delivered by experienced language facilitators.

From the moment you enrol into the programme, you will be put on a customised study plan that suits your experience and specific goals. You will also get to enjoy an immersive language learning experience that is designed to mimic real-life situations where your newly acquired language skills will have to be put to practice right away.

Level placement test - Your journey starts here with a 15-minute computer placement test that measures your current level of English proficiency. The result of this test will be used to help you begin at a level most comfortable to you so you can start with confidence.

Face-to-face tutorials - Classroom tutorials facilitate better focus and higher engagement to the topic at hand. You get to enjoy personal attention, 1-to-1 support, and any questions you may have can be dealt with immediately by your instructor or discussed among your fellow peers. This is crucial as it leads to better retention and more materials can be learned effectively.

Conversation classes - Delivered by qualified and experienced English language instructors, conversation classes provides a conducive environment for you to engage with other students of similar level and ability to discuss on any given topic where you can test your newly acquired skills in a fun and friendly surrounding.

Regular testing & reviews - Regular testing gives you the opportunity to check the level you have achieved so far (or to detect problem areas that require some work from you). The reviews given by your instructor would help you fine-tune your English skills and to ensure that you can progress to the next level with confidence.


About Louis Alexander

Louis Alexander, one of the world’s best English Language Training (ELT) experts, was a prolific writer of many best-selling English language books. A renowned genius in writing highly effective syllabuses for the teaching of English language, Louis worked on many ground-breaking projects with top publishers such as Longman and the BBC and was also a Language consultant who served on behalf of UNESCO.

Louis’ exceptional ability was already recognised by his professor when he was a student of the University of London’s Queen Mary College. His ability was further proven during his earlier teaching experience where he was able to successfully prepare his A Level students for their English exam in just 6 months – despite some of them having to start from zero.

In 1977 alone, Louis sold 4.7 million books; a feat recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the greatest number of books sold by an individual author in a single year. Louis was a celebrated figure in many countries outside of the UK (e.g. Brazil, Egypt, and China). A bronze statue of Louis was erected at the famed publishing house of Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) in honour of his great contribution in China.

Direct English is regarded as one of his finest works.

Your study with Direct English is supported by the following high quality interactive materials:

  • Study Guide
  • Coursebooks
  • Companion Books
  • Workbooks
  • PC Video Discs
  • Audio CDs

A) Classic Direct English
B) DE Business English

The Classic Direct English module provides a comprehensive and well focused approach to building your English language skills. You will start at your current level of proficiency, and progress through a set of expertly crafted syllabus that improves your mastery of all 4 language skills - listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Level Components
The Rhetorical Phase More in-depth language production & responses
The Interactional Phase Syllabus based on 9 grammatical topics
The Transactional Stage Syllabus based on 9 thematic areas

This module is designed to give you maximum exposure on how English natives use the language to communicate in real life. It encourages language learning in a more natural way. Your progress is build upon previous language learned – integrated with flexible learning method and course delivery – which improves your learning confidence. Situational-based grammar and conversation problems are also addressed right from day one to instill the proper habits. Upon the completion of each level, you will be awarded a certificate of achievement to signify your competence.

The DE Business English module is designed to equip you with the necessary soft skills required to succeed in a business setting. It aims to develop clear communication with a sense of purpose so you can function effectively in the social aspect of business. You must achieve at least level 3 to be eligible for this module.

This module is divided into 9 units, with each unit requiring 3 lessons to complete.


Upon completing the DE Business English module, students would be able to confidently apply good communication skills to a wide range of business related scenarios. Suitable for the busy executives, corporate bodies, HR training, and government agencies that need to deal with the general English-speaking public.

Direct English
CEFR (Level)
1 Band 1 (Pre-elementary) - A1 (Breakthrough)
2-3 Band 2 (Elementary) 4-4.5 A2 (Waystage)
4-5 Band 3 (Intermediate) 5-5.5 B1 (Threshold)
6 Band 4 (Upper Intermediate) 6-6-5 B2 (Vantage)
7 Band 5 (Advanced) 7-7.5-8 C1 (Effective Operational Proficiency)
8 Band 6 (Professional) 9 C2 (Mastery)

The Direct English Placement Test measures your technical vocabulary, grammatical accuracy, general and basic knowledge as well as rules of the English language. Those interested with the programme may take the Placement Test at Crescendo International College, Desa Cemerlang Campus, for free. The test result is immediate.

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Experience shared by Crescendo students


Attending Direct English classes gave me more confidence on how to use the proper grammar when speaking to others. The practice of listening and repeating the right pronunciation of words that are commonly used really works well in helping me speak more naturally.

Korean Student
Direct English Level 2


The immersive English speaking experience that I gained when communicating with my classmates and lecturers helped me develop better sentence structuring skills. My verbal skills have greatly improved, thanks to my understanding lecturers who patiently worked on improving my pronunciations each step of the way.

Liu Yao
PRC (China) student
Direct English Level 3


I love our classroom learning sessions. They are fun and lively. I enjoyed the interesting lessons and love knowing that I am making great progress on how to speak the right way.

Ng Wei Ting
Malaysian student
Direct English Level 4


Undoubtedly one of the most beneficial programmes I’ve taken so far.  I am now able to communicate better and this improved my relationships with clients. I can now use more formal words and create more effective sentences to keep customers entertained. There’s still much to learn, but at least I’ve gained a newfound confidence in my English communication skills.

Tan Cheng Meng
DE Business Communication


I work in an accounting department. So knowing how to use correct sentences to talk to customers really put me at an advantage. The course helped me expand my understanding of how customers think. I could empathise better and this enabled me to promote better solutions. Having soft-skills like these are important to me. 

Wong Ming Hui
Accounting Department Employee
DE Business Communication


Communication is a management function. Practical training opportunities like these help us improve the way we communicate ideas, facts, and opinions relating to the performance of an organisation. It is something we just can’t practice during our normal classroom studies.

Chai Yan Shin
Malaysian Student
DE Business Communication


The course taught me how to communicate in business the right way. I learnt how to give a good presentation, write reports and emails, create appealling resumes and so on. It’s very useful for me when I graduate from my current course of study.

Ng Hui Wen
College Student
DE Business Communication


Completing the programme helped me gain a lot of important skills and experience. In my opinion, the resume writing technique taught during the course of study was very helpful as it would enable me to gain some added advantage over other candidates when applying for jobs. I’m now more confident when speaking English and I believe this helps when I need to deal with customers in the future.

Peh Jia Ying
Malaysian Student
DE Business Communication