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Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

[MOHE Approval Code: (R2/344/6/0182)(11/24)(A3320)]
[HRDF Claimable | HRDF Registered Training Provider (362221-T)]

What is ACCA

ACCA (The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is the largest and fastest-growing international accountancy body offering the Chartered Certified Accountant qualification, with over 500,000 students and 200,000 members in 179 countries. Based in the UK, ACCA has an extensive network of 70 staffed offices and other centres around the world.

(ACCA Website: www.accaglobal.com)  

In selecting the right ACCA college, the critical factor to consider is its "LECTURING TEAM". ACCA is not an internally assessed qualification where lecturers set the exam papers; it is externally assessed and therefore the lecturers must be very knowledgeable and be VERY exam-oriented because the exam papers are not set by the lecturers.

The pool of such lecturers is small and Crescendo has gone to a great extent to obtain well-known ACCA lecturers from Singapore and KL to lecture at the College. Some of the lecturers are themselves former Prize Winners or have produced Prize Winners before. Apart from the well-known 'fly-in' lecturers, Crescendo has also produced top ACCA lecturers who are now providing their expertise to other colleges in Singapore, KL, and China. Students under their tutelage have also won ACCA Achievers Awards

Crescendo is honoured to have its own Johor ACCA students made it a leading ACCA college in Johor (and in Southern Malaysia) -- a testament to its meticulously selected team high-quality of lecturers. The standards of students registering with the College are also noteworthy. Many of Crescendo's ACCA students are graduates from various private and public Malaysian universities, and overseas universities (Australia, UK, etc) as well.

The College is also the first in Johor to conduct FULL ACCA papers, and it has been producing ACCA graduates since 2002.

The ACCA qualification is respected by multinationals and public-listed companies, professional firms, and government institutions worldwide for its rigorous, high-quality training. Studying with ACCA, and being able to complete its challenging programme, indicates to employers everywhere that you are a professional, technically competent, experienced enough to do your job. It is recognised by the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) for the purpose of becoming a Chartered Accountant and is accepted by the Malaysian Public Service Department for the purpose of employment within the public service sector. Graduates of ACCA today are some of the most sought-after finance professionals in the world.

An opportunity to earn a BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting

ACCA students can get an honours degree (i.e. Bachelor of Applied Accounting with Honours) while studying for the ACCA qualification. This is made possible through ACCA's innovative partnership with Oxford Brookes University (UK). To get the degree, students will have to satisfy the following:

  • Complete Knowledge & Skills modules I [Paper F1-F9], AND
  • Submit a 7,500 word business related Research Report (RR), and a 2,000-word Key Skills and Learning Statement (SLS) to Oxford Brookes University.

Note: ACCA students will graduate with NOT just one, but TWO qualifications - the ACCA Professional Qualifications and a Bachelor of Science (Honours) Degree in Applied Accounting.

The College has gone to great length to assemble some of the finest ACCA lecturing teams in Malaysia just for YOU - providing real value for money.

Knowledge ModuleSkills Module
BT Business TechnologyLW Corporate & Business Law
MA Management AccountingPM Performance Management
FA Financial accountingTX Taxation
FR Financial Reporting
AA Audit & Assurance
FM Financial Management

Essential ModuleOptional Module
SBL Strategic Business LeaderAFM Advanced Financial Management
SBR Strategic Business ReportingAPM Advanced Performance Management
(Not offered in this college)
ATX Advanced Taxation
AAA Advanced Audit & Assurance
(Temporary not available)

Jan | April | July | Oct

2 Passes in A Level (A~E) and 4 Credits in SPM / UEC (incl. English & Maths) OR
2 Passes in STPM (A~C) and 4 Credits in SPM (incl. English & Maths) OR
5 Bs in UEC (incl. English & Maths) OR 

[FIA route] For adults aged 17 and above with no formal academic qualifications.*
[Note: The college takes no responsibility for ACCA's decision during the Initial Registration application.] 

1. Two (2) Passport-sized photographs (non-returnable)

2. Original & copies of your qualification (ex: degree, diploma, A-level, STPM, SPM, UEC & CAT)
3. National Identification Card (NRIC)

Words from Staff and Students


Gan Hui Li
ACCA Graduate

Taking up the ACCA programme at Crescendo was the right decision for me. It has boosted my professional accounting skills and increased the opportunities for me to achieve my dreams.


Serene Pang Chik Han
ACCA Graduate

Crescendo's quality educational experience has benefited my professional pursuit and positioned me to achieve greater success in my career.


Sia Yen Xin
ACCA Graduate

It was a wonderful experience studying the ACCA programme at Crescendo. I would also like to thank the lecturers for their exceptional support and guidance throughout my academic journey.


Fong Yuen Chi
ACCA Graduate

Taking on the ACCA was quite tough for me. But I managed to pull through with the help of the dedicated lecturers here at Crescendo.