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Cambridge International A Level

Cambridge Assessment International Education - A Level

[MOHE Approval Code: (R/010/3/0359)(08/25)(A6323)]

The Cambridge A Level has remained a favourite among many SPM & IGCSE holders for many reasons. One important reason is its GLOBAL RECOGNITION by top universities around the world such as:

- Ivy League universities in the US (e.g. Harvard, MIT, etc.)
- Russell Group universities in the UK (e.g. Cambridge, Oxford, LSE, Imperial, UCL, etc.)
- Group of Eight universities in Australia (e.g. ANU, Melbourne, Sydney, etc.)

Like many, their motivations may not be to get into these top universities but they feel ‘safe’ doing A Level because it is recognized by many universities in Malaysia and overseas. They also feel happy because A Level gives them more choices of universities to choose from.

For the adventurous, A Level opens the door to FREE tertiary education in Germany & you can enroll in an (English-taught) engineering course which is mostly offered by University of Applied Sciences there. It costs about RM50k a year to cover flight tickets & cost of living in Germany. Click for more info: (1) A Level student getting offers & (2) Talk by DAAD on Studying in Germany.  

Whichever path you wish to take, speak to us to plan the right combination of A Level subjects.

Fast-track - A Level at Crescendo can be completed in just 1-1½ years, and we have been producing successful A Level graduates within that time-frame since 2001. Please refer to "intake" below for actual duration.

Experienced Lecturers – The A Level lecturers are dedicated & experienced. They will be able to guide you well. Ultimately the result depends on student’s hard work, especially study habit. We are proud of our students’ achievements so far. Our past students have also received offers to study engineering, medicine, accountancy, etc from universities in Singapore, UK, Australia, Germany, UK & Australian Overseas university campus in Malaysia, etc.

Affordable Fee – We believe education shouldn’t be a burden to parents. Therefore, we make the fee affordable and yet we try our best to provide a campus environment with free car park, sports facilities (badminton hall, football field, running track, swimming pool, etc), and other facilities available to the students.

Scholarships for SPM / UEC students - Merit scholarships are given for every A's you get in SPM/UEC. An RM200 per 'A' for the first 5A's and RM500 for each subsequent A's. More scholarships will be given to students with 9A's or above.

Scholarships for A Level students entering UOL / ACCA - Crescendo's A Level students automatically receive RM3,000 scholarship each should they choose to pursue any of the prestigious UOL Degree / ACCA programmes at the College.


Crescendo has gone through great lengths to assemble some of the finest A Level lecturing team in Johor to support your effort in achieving your extraordinary dreams. Below are some of the key subject lecturers who will be personally guiding you throughout your A Level studies.


Science Stream
Option 1 (Regular route): 3 subjects (Maths + 2 from Chemistry, Biology & Physics)
Option 2 (4- Subject route): All 4 subjects (Maths, Chemistry, Biology & Physics)

Commerce Stream
Option 1 (Regular route): 3 subjects (Law, Economics & Business Studies)

Optional Subjects
General Paper | Thinking Skills | English or Chinese or Tamil

A-level Science:

Jan | Apr

AS exam (Oct) A2 exam (May)

July | Sept

AS exam (May) A2 exam (Oct)


A-level Commerce:

 Jan | Apr

AS exam (May) A2 exam (Oct)


AS exam & A2 exam (May)

Science Stream- Pass SPM or IGCSE with 5 credits (incl. Maths & 2 Science Subjects from Biology, Chemistry and Physics)

Commerce Stream- Pass SPM or IGCSE with 5 credits (incl. Maths and English)

Words from Students


Song Joo Hye (Judy) (from South Korea)
Best Student & Straight 4 A* Scorer
A Level Science Stream

Being a part of Crescendo International College is definitely one of the greatest memories that I would always cherish in life. Million thanks to the lecturers, staffs & friends who have been my greatest support throughout my A Levels journey!


Sammi Wong Jing Lam
Best Student & Straight A's Scorer
A Level Commerce Stream

Conducive learning environment with adequate faculties that supports our A Level studies. Friendly and helpful lecturers. A chance to meet and study with friends from other countries.

Vishaan Kumarasamy
Best Student
A Level Commerce Stream

Small classes and friendly lecturers, just how I like it. Crescendo lecturers really spend time to clarify my academic doubts and provide a clear and systematic approach on how to solve a given problem. It's nice to have them around as they care about the progress of every student in their class.

Evelyn Lim
Straight A's Scorer
A Level Science Stream

The A Level’s global reputation greatly improved my chances of getting into a good university. Being a former A Level science student, I found myself well ahead of my university course mates when it comes to subjects related to Natural Science. Even if I should switch to a Social Science major, A Level has prepared me well to cope with the rigorous academic demand.
Evelyn won a scholarship to study at Duke University’s overseas campus in China.


Jeon San
Straight A's Scorer
A Level Science Stream

A level is very effective in preparing me for university. It develops critical thinking, independent learning, and all the skills I need to handle high volumes of academic workloads and materials with steep learning curves.


Irvin Tan Han Wen
Best Student & Straight A's scorer
A Level Science Stream

The A Level programme made me more mature and practical in the way I solve problems. It also made me more methodical and resilient in overcoming life’s challenges. Studying far away from my hometown in Muar would have been hard if not for the strong social support and academic care given by this loving College community.


Lam Yi Kun
Best Student
A Level Science Stream

I really appreciate the dedication of my lecturers who put so much effort in getting me well-prepared for my A Level exams. Having made many good friends and being able to study in an amazing College facility is truly a life-changing experience for me.


Lee Ming Chun
Best Student
A Level Science Stream

The lecturers here are very responsible and willing to spend their free time to show us how we can solve our academic problems. They are fully focused on getting us ready to succeed in our A Level programme.