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How to Contact Us

Mailing Address:
Lebuh Cemerlang,
Desa Cemerlang,
81800 Ulu Tiram,
Johor, Malaysia.

Opening Hours:
Mon - Fri 9.00am – 5.00pm
Sat 9.00am – 3.30pm

Tel+607-8636 888 or
WhatsApp +6011-13052008

For course enquiries, WhatsApp
+6011-13052008 (English)
+6011-13052015 (Mandarin)
+6011-35433040 (Diploma in Airline Services) 
For Accounts-related matter, WhatsApp +6011-13052006 (Finance)

For course information, please email: marketing@crescendo.edu.my

For International Students enquiry, please email: international@crescendo.edu.my

For Suggestions/Complaints/Grievances, please email:

For Scholarship/Bursary, please email:
[Note: For students coming from household income of less than RM4,000 per month.]

A. Come personally to our College

      (i). Documents / Items to bring:

            1. Original education certificates such as SPM / UEC / STPM / Diploma etc.
            2. 2 copies of passport size photographs
            3. Your IC (Identify Card)

      (ii). Please make your 1st installment or full payment at our college using...

            1. Cash OR,
            2. Cheque (payable to "Crescendo International College Sdn Bhd) OR,
            3. Credit Card

B. For Online Registration & Online Payment

  1. Call (07-8636888) or WhatsApp (011-13052008) to get the Application Form & find out the fee.
  2. Pay the fee via JomPAY (see guide below)
  3. College will issue the receipt within 3 working days.

A. Use JomPay

            1. Log in your banking app 
            2. Select "Pay Bill" & key in the following info:


            3. Choose to pay from your credit card, savings account or current account.
            4. Whatsapp the College's Accounts Dept. at +6011-1305 2006 with the following:
               - Photo of the JomPay payment
               - Student name
               - Programme name
            5. College will issue receipt within 3 working days


Students can apply for PTPTN loan after registering in our diploma programmes or in our University Of London degree programmes. Our Diploma Coordinators or UOL Coordinators will guide you on how to apply for the loan. Please take note that the PTPTN study loan is not applicable for the A Level programme and ACCA.

PTPTN Online Application Process     

            i. Degree Programmes
               Intake: September [PTPTN application window: 1-30 August & 1-30 September]

          ii. Diploma Programmes
               Intake: January [PTPTN application window: 1-30 Dec & 1-30 Jan]
               Intake: April [PTPTN application window: 1-30 Mar & 1-30 Apr]
               Intake: September [PTPTN application window: 1-30 Aug & 1-30 Sept] 


2. EPF Account 2

Students can withdraw money from their parent's EPF Account II for their diploma programmes or for their University of London degree programmes. The EPF withdrawal, however, is not possible for the A Level programme. Please inform the Diploma Coordinators or the UOL Coordinators if you wish to apply for an EPF withdrawal.