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[Note: For students coming from household income of less than RM4,000 per month.]

Foundation in Business

[ MOHE Approval Code: (N/350/3/0790)(10/25)(MQA/FA13836) ] 

Leveraging on our 20 years of experience in teaching A Level, the college created FIB for the following reasons:

 1. A 1-year university foundation to ‘bridge’ students to degree studies in Law, Accounting, & Finance, Management, Marketing, Economics and other social science disciplines (e.g. Psychology, Political Science, etc).

2. A university foundation which gives more options to students, i.e. not only recognised at Crescendo, but more importantly by colleges & universities in Malaysia and overseas.

3. A programme in which students are continuously assessed (i.e. not a one-time final exam) using a mixed mode of progress test, presentation, assignment and a final exam.

FIB is recognised by the University of London (UOL) for entry into its degree programmes such as Law, Accounting & Finance, Business & Management, Economics and many others. The University of London degrees are conducted in Recognised Teaching Centres in various cities in Malaysia (e.g. JB, & KL) and around the world (e.g. in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, etc). Find out more about UOL Recognised Teaching Centres here 

The FIB, with its MQA approval, is also recognised by public universities for some of their programmes (e,g, UTM for its International degree programme) and private universities in Malaysia.

January | April | September

1. Introduction to Macroeconomics

2. Introduction to Management Accounting 

3. Introduction to Financial Accounting 1

4. Introduction to Financial Accounting 2

5. Business & Management

6. Fundamentals of Finance

7. Introduction to Statistics

8. Basic Mathematics

9. Introduction to Law ofObligation

10. Introduction to Legal System 

11. Principles of Microeconomics

12. Principles of Marketing 

13. Introduction to Computer Science

14. Basic ICT

15. English 1

16. English 2

17. Co-curriculum

5 credits in SPM or equivalent