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Diploma in Business


About Crescendo's Diploma in Business

[MOHE Approval Code: (N/340/4/0584)(06/25)(MQA/FA6186)]

This diploma programme is aimed at producing semi-professionals who are knowledgeable and technically competent in the field of business, on par with the current industry standards. Graduates of the programme will be able to solve business problems innovatively, creatively and ethically; demonstrate entrepreneurial skills and acquire life-long learning that prepares them for career advancement. It is also one of the very few diplomas recognised by the University of London to enter into its 2nd year degree study.



Fast-track into the University of London - This Diploma in Business is designed based on the Year 1 subjects of the University of London's [BSc. (Hons) Business & Management, and BSc. (Hons) Accounting & Finance] with the objective of providing direct entry into Year 2 of the respective BSc degrees.

Transfer Programme – This diploma aims to give students transferable credits into various universities in Malaysia & overseas (e.g. Singapore, UK, etc).

Curriculum & Delivery Style - The curriculum is skill-driven & practical-oriented so that students can relate what they have learned to real-life examples and apply them in the workplace. Departing away from the conventional theory based approach, most of the subjects are delivered with an activity-based method where students learn by doing group activities in class, giving presentations, attending workshops by guest lecturers, and taking part in field trips, etc.. 

English Language Practice - The course emphasizes a lot on the importance of English (both written & oral) so that students can be more confident and improve their proficiency after completing their 2 years of studying this diploma.

i. Apply fundamental concepts and theory of business and management.
ii. Demonstrate the use of management tools and technical expertise in business and industry.
iii. Analyse, formulate and use effective techniques and tools to solve business related problems.
iv. Communicate effectively in both oral & in written form with colleagues, professionals & society.
v. Perform individually or work as part of a team effectively to meet common goals.
vi. Understand humane responsibility and adhere to professional codes of ethics.
vii. Engage in life-long learning to enrich knowledge and improve on competencies.
viii. Enhance managerial and entrepreneurial skills for career development.

cambridge-outstanding-learner-award * UOL: University of London
  • 1. Academic English
  • 2. Financial Accounting 1
  • 3. Principles of IT
  • 4. Mathematics 1
  • 5. Pengajian Malaysia
  • 6. Intro. to Business
  • 7. Statistics 1
  • 8. Intensive English Grammar
  • 9. Principles of Management
  • 10. Microeconomics
  • 11. Consumer Behaviour
  • 12. Financial Accounting 2
  • 13. Mathematics 2
  • 14. Principles of Banking
  • 15. Communication Skills
  • 16. Self-Development
  • 17. Malaysian Economy
  • 18. Business & Company Law
  • 19. HR Management
  • 20. Principles of Finance
  • 21. E-Business
  • 22. Principles of Marketing
  • 23. Organisational Behaviour
  • 24. Statistics 2
  • 25. Business Communication
  • 26. International Business
  • 27. Cost & Management Accounting
  • 28. Entrepreneurship Development
  • 29. Business Ethics
  • 30. Macroeconomics

Jan | April |  Sept

Passes SPM with 3 credits (incl. Maths & a pass in English) OR 

Passes UEC with 3B's (incl. Maths & a pass in English) 

* Note: Subjects must be different or "non-overlapping" and are acceptable to the University of London.

January Intake: (1) 1st-30th December & (2) 1st-30th January

April Intake: (1) 1st-30th March & (2) 1st-30th April 

September Intake: (1) 1st-30th August & (2) 1st-30th September 


This 2-year diploma programme integrates a practical, skill-driven curriculum with an exciting, activity-based teaching and learning strategy. And most importantly, it fast-tracks you into the University of London.

Dolly OngHead of Programme
Diploma in Business


This 2-year diploma programme integrates a practical, skill-driven curriculum with an exciting, activity-based teaching and learning strategy. And most importantly, it fast-tracks you into the University of London.

Dolly Ong
Head of Programme
Diploma in Business

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