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BSc Business & Management


Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Business & Management

[MOHE Approval Code: (R3/345/6/0043)(08/26)(A7352)]

Join The World Class
An organisation's success or failure primarily depends on ONE critical factor - ITS MANAGEMENT. By studying ‘management’ , you will be a more effective management executive when you graduate. You are able to present marketing strategies with corporate lingo, read financial accounts, apply management concepts in the workplace, etc. Most importantly, the management degree will open doors to top companies.

The University of London (UOL) is world-class. It has a history of more than 150 years and is one of the oldest & largest universities in the UK. Ahead of its time, UOL was revolutionary & broke tradition, being the first British university to open its doors to people from different religious beliefs & later to women. It was also among the first to pioneer distance learning- leading to UOL having 50,000+ students in more than 190 countries.

Academic Direction by LSE
This Accounting & Finance degree is designed & managed by London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE), one of the most renowned member institutions of UOL . LSE is a powerhouse in accounting, management & other social sciences, and this is evident by the fact that it was ranked #11 in the World for Business & Management Studies (QS 2021). LSE demands its UOL Business & Management students to read a lot & think critically. The learning process will develop  students into ‘critical thinkers’.

International Experience
During your study, through UOL’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), you will have a unique ‘international experience’ where you can  engage with international students from various countries, watch LSE videos etc. You will also get access to a world-class online library, etc. In addition, you can travel to London for the following:

- A 3-week Summer School at LSE. 
- Study your final year (3rd year) at LSE in London, thus, making your pathway a 2+1
- Attend your Graduation Ceremony at London

All these once-in-a-lifetime experience are made possible when you choose UOL.

University of London (UOL), established by the Royal Charter in 1836, is one of UK's oldest and largest universities. It comprises of 17 member institutions (i.e. London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), University College London, King's College etc.) and 9 specialist research institutions. Each college is considered a 'university' itself and some are among the top 100 best universities in the world.

In 1858, the University began to provide access to world-class academic programmes for qualified students from all around the world. Today, it has more than 50,000 international students across 190 countries. Its former students and alumni include 7 Nobel Prize winners, leaders of Commonwealth countries, government ministers, renowned authors, academics, judges and business leaders.

University of London in Brief

London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE)
This BSc (Hons) in Business & Management programme is designed by LSE, one of the most renowned member institutions of UOL. Founded in 1895, LSE is regarded as an international centre of academic excellence and innovation in social sciences. Its teaching and research is recognised worldwide as a benchmark of quality. A total of 16 Nobel prize winners in economics, peace and literature and 34 heads of state have either studied or taught at LSE.  

1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year
Introduction to Economics Principles of Banking & Finance Core Mgt. Concept
Principles of Accounting Management Accounting Financial Management
Mathematics & Statistics HR Management Principles of Marketing
Business & Mgt in Global Context Organisation Theory Mgt. Science Methods

Hotel Executive Marketing Executive Sales Executive
HR Executive Administrative Executive Bank Executive
Management Executive Business Development Executive Management Trainee

April | September

 2 Passes in A Level (A~D) + 4 Credits in SPM (incl. English & Maths)*

 2 Passes in STPM (A~C) + 4 Credits in SPM (incl. English & Maths)*

 5 Credits (A~B) in UEC (incl. Maths) & 3 Credits in SPM (incl. English)*

 Diploma in Business (awarded by Crescendo) - direct entry to Year 2 

* Note: Subjects must be "non-overlapping" and are acceptable to the University of London.

UOL students - for April intake or September intake - who wish to apply for the PTPTN study loan must submit their application within any one of these 2 application periods: (1) 1st-30th August OR (2) 1st-30th September.


Experience shared by Crescendo students


For Leon Yit, his first job after graduating with a BSc (Hons) Management, was being an Assistant General Manager who managed a chain of hotels. After graduating with a BSc (Hons) Management, Valent Koh landed his first job with a Singapore bank (based in Malaysia) as a Marketing Manager.


I've gained tremendous amount of knowledge and confidence thanks to Crescendo's dedicated and highly experienced UOL lecturers. They helped me to overcome the seemingly impossible boundaries and made me realise that I am much more capable than I thought.

Alyssa Lopez Marcelo
BSc (Hons) Bus. & Mgt
Currently works as an international college Marketing Executive


This programme deepened my understanding on the intricate workings of the corporate world, preparing me for the upcoming challenges ahead.

Nicky Lau
BSc (Hons) Bus. & Mgt. (1st Class) & Best student (2017)
Currently works as an Area Manager at Maxis


Conducive learning environment with sufficient learning materials and well-designed course works that helped me to systematically gain a thorough understanding of Business and Management subject.

Ong Kai Jing
Best Student (2016)

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